Donkey, tamed about 7000 years ago, brought weights imposed by man who used for multiple functions such as: towing, saddle and work in the fields. Because of its nature strong and sturdy but also sober and frugal, was treated with less care and greater hardness than no other pets . Industrialization and spread of efficient agricultural machinery have made donkey unuseful so that in countries like Italy this animal threatens extinction. The company ASINOMANIA, located in the province of L'Aquila, a few miles from Sulmona, Art and History´s town, and Introdacqua, one of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", aims to prevent the extinction of donkey proposing its spread, throughout the national territory, either as Pet either as Partner of social, turistic and economic activities. Asinomania propouses guided visits, walks with donkeys and contact activities to schools, families and touristics groups, in order to familiarize wth this animal.
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ASINOMANIA - Località Pie' Tassito Introdacqua (AQ) Italia